Training the next generation

IOP Particle Accelerators and Beams Group Meeting

Hosted by the John Adams Institute, Oxford University Department of Physics, 19 March 2013


Introduction and overview of training in Europe (Philip Burrows)

Training provision in the UK

John Adams Institute (Riccardo Bartolini) Cockcroft Institute (Graeme Burt) Doctoral Training Centre (Roger Barlow)

Accelerator schools

CERN Accelerator Schools (Roger Bailey) Joint Universities Accelerator Schools (Louis Rinolfi)

Needs for trained personnel

European market survey of personnel needs (Philip Burrows)

National facility perspective (David Findlay, Guenther Rehm, Susan Smith)

ISIS Diamond Industry perspective (Giulia Thompson) Medical perspective (Ken Peach, Claire Timlin) US view (Bill Barletta)